Interview to Marie Macherhammer, Key Researcher and Project Manager at HyCentA.

Q: What is the main innovation Electrolyser system will bring?

A: The goal here is to develop a new generation of electrolyser systems. At RECYCALYSE, we are designing the system around the newly developed stack to reduce the overall power loss and increase the system efficiency. Based on existing knowledge, the components needed to run the stack, the so-called Balance of Plant components, will be selected, tested, and evaluated at the HyCentA test infrastructure. The stack and the overall system are evaluated due to a specially adapted test protocol and further improvement potentials can be identified.

Q: How HCA is planning to overcome the risks?

A: Close cooperation with project partners and the possibility to test Balance of Plant components at the HyCentA test rig will reduce the risks and lead to an efficient and most forward way to ensure an optimised system.