From October 4th to October 8th our partner Fraunhofer ICT visited the installations of our coordinator Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

During the visit, Annabelle Maletzko, PhD student at Fraunhofer ICT, ran some experiments on one of DTI’s supercritical flow reactors. “It was very nice to see how the synthesis worked and what the next steps are for my support material after I sent them away” she declared.


Additionally, she had the opportunity to analyse the synthesized material with RDE, XRD and SEM-EDX, getting to know the whole workflow of DTI and exchanging useful information to develop new ways and solutions within the RECYCALYSE project.

In the words of Simon Pitscheider, Senior Materials Specialist at Danish Technological INSTITUTE “After 1.5 years of virtual collaboration and discussions about supports and syntheses, it was great to have Annabelle at our facilities and to be able to show her what we can do here. It was a very fruitful week and we came up with some new experiments for the near future, which will benefit both DTI and Fraunhofer ICT, as well as the whole project”