Interview with Mariana Fernández, Head of Communications & Capacity Building. PMO at Sustainable Innovations.

Q: What are the main strategies behind the exploitation and the dissemination of the project?

A: The importance of a work package specifically dedicated to the project exploitation and communication is to make sure that the knowledge generated within this project goes beyond the lifetime of RECYCALYSE.

For this project, we have established three different phases for our strategy: awareness phase, knowledge transfer, and exploitation.

In the first stage, we are willing to raise awareness among the stakeholders we identified for the project. For that, we are using online tools like the official website and social media channels of the project, but offline tools as well as press releases or presenting RECYCALYSE to sustainability and innovation awards.

Later in the project, when the first results start to be generated, we will organise webinars and workshops with relevant stakeholders from academia, industry, and policymakers to showcase the obtained results so far.

Besides, exploitation activities are planed throughout the project execution to guarantee that the Key Exploitable Results (or KERs) find their most appropriate way to the market or to a later research project (also a very useful application!), and it includes deciding upon the IPR and commercialization strategies.