Interview with Alexander Loof, Product Manager at PRUFREX

Q: What is the role of PRUFREX within RECYCALYSE? What are the main challenges for the company?

A: PRUFREX is an expert in the control and regulation intelligence of small engines, e-motors, burners and other electronically-controlled applications. In 1988, we were the first company to achieve digital control of the ignition spark. Since then, we have been driven by the question of how to improve customers’ products through the control and regulation of sensor and actuator-driven signal processes. As the “brain” of the engine or device we are able to realise ideas and electronics solutions for applications – enabling greater performance capability, lower emissions and user comfort.

In PRUFREX, as a preferred component and system partner of engine and burner manufacturers, we not only deliver to clients in the industrial and the automotive sectors, but also forge supplier links with sectors such as forest and landscape gardening, motorised water-sport and leisure vehicles, along with the construction industry.

The role of PRUFREX within RECYCALYSE is to carry out the simulation and evaluation of the demonstrator system. To be able to run the proton exchange membrane electrolysers (PEMEC) stack in the most efficient way, the operation strategies and software for control will be analysed and optimised. Hardware analysis will be addressed with respect to cost efficiency. Likewise, the application of standard equipment, and the simplification of BoP hardware based on new control strategies will be also investigated.

Our main challenge here is to simulate the comprehensive whole electrolyser system control strategy with respect to all necessary components.