From August 21-24, 2022 the RECYCALYSE project was showcased at the 61st annual conference of metallurgists (COM 2022) in Montreal, Canada. This year, the event offered networking sessions, curated plenaries, technology-in-progress discussions as well as workshops and poster presentations.

There, our colleague Alexandros Charitos, professor at the Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy and Purest Materials (INEMET) at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg presented the RECYCALYE project in a poster presentation about the separation of PGMs from acidic solutions by ion exchange.

This study was focused on the selective separation of PGMs by ion exchange from the leach solution of the spent PEM electrocatalyst. The overall schema for Pt recovery in form of salt which can be further used for the PEM catalyst fabrication was presented.

The event was an exciting opportunity to meet and learn in a dynamic environment that emphasized industry, students, and research interactions.