On June 11-14, 2023, the RECYCALYSE project was showcased during the European Metallurgical Conference 2023. There,  Ulziikhuu Otgonbayar, researcher at INEMET gave a presentation revolving around the process development for the separation of platinum (Pt), ruthenium (Ru), and iridium (Ir) by solvent extraction.

In this study, the solvent extraction of Pt, Ru and Ir from the multicomponent solution was investigated to develop a recycling route for Recycalyse’s newly developed proton exchange membrane electrocatalyst. The commercial extraction agents were tested along with the common diluents to extract the PGMs from synthetic solutions. Moreover, high separation of these metal ions was achieved when different stripping agents were used. As a result, an efficient PGM extraction procedure was developed to produce PGM salts for electrocatalyst fabrication.

The event was organised by GDMB and it is one of the most important biennial conference for non-ferrous metallurgists in Europe, known as EMC 2023. Over 400 international experts, scientists, and decision-makers gathered to discuss the latest developments in the field of aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, and precious metals.

The focus of EMC 2023 was on the utilization of hydrogen in metallurgical processes, the significance of lithium as a key resource in the electrified age, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This conference provided a unique opportunity to connect with experts from around the world and gain insights into cutting-edge advancements in the industry.