On November 10, the Center Hydrogen Bavaria (H2.B) organised a workshop that counted on the presence of the RECYCALYSE project.

There, Martin Zappe, Director of Sales Division at PRÜFREX showcased, on behalf of the consortium, the RECYCALYSE concept as well as their tasks within the project in the framework of simulation and evaluation of the demonstrator system.

The conference aimed to contribute to the networking of Québecois and Bavarian companies and research institutions and thus to create a basis for international hydrogen projects. As climate neutrality is very important to PRÜFREX, and hydrogen plays a major role in this context, our partner was truly interested in participating in events like Bilateral Hydrogen Workshop.

The session was organised online by the Center Hydrogen Bavaria (H2.B) in cooperation with the Government of Québec and the agenda was structured in several blocks where almost 20 companies and research institutions could participate.