The Recycalyse Project hosted the “Joint Workshop: NON-BATTERY-BASED ENERGY STORAGE WORKSHOP” on Wednesday, September 16th, 2021, at 09:30 (CET).

This event, organized by RECYCALYSE, gathered a wide range of experts to discuss different approaches to implement new sustainable solutions for different energy storage needs   , and it counted with over 60 attendees.

The participating projects were RECYCALYSE, ARENA, PROMETH2 and NEXT AEC. The workshop also counted on the presence of  Søren Bøwadt, Head of Unit for the “Industry” unit of the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) in Brussels.

The aim of this event was to build a meeting point for stakeholders across Europe to discuss how to improve and increase the performance of the materials as well as how to reduce total costs with respect to the current technologies. The workshop was divided into several blocks showcasing the objectives, scope, methodology, impacts, and preliminary results of each project.

The four initiatives will help to boost the economic competitiveness of the European Union energy storage production. The technologies developed will also contribute to reduce or eliminate critical raw materials, thus decreasing CO2 emissions and reducing costs. In that way, one of the innovations behind will be to avoid dependence on materials imports in Europe, by implementing the recovered elements in the newly developed catalysts, thus contributing to a circular economy.

Below, you can find the recording of the session: