On September 30 and October 1, RECYCALYSE held its second meeting corresponding to month 6 of the project with the presence of the consortium partners and the European Commission Project Officer.

For two days, the project partners had the opportunity to present their results and achievements to date. The presentations kicked off with an overview from the Project Manager, Danish Technologic Institute (DTI) regarding deliverables and work packages progress and milestones achieved.

Following DTI, the University of Bern explained their activity and stability benchmarking protocols as well as showcased a synthesis of colloidal IrxRuyOx and IrxXyOx nanoparticles.

For their part, Fraunhofer ICT announced that they were able to comply with milestone 1 and delivered the first testable support material.

As part of their responsibilities of work package 4, DTI is working on the synthesis of combined catalytic structures and the upscaling of catalyst production.

Likewise, Danish Power Systems presented the test performed to date in terms of the optimisation of catalyst inks and electrode deposition.

HyCentA, as responsible for Work Package 6, explained to the consortium the Proton exchange membrane electrolysers stack specification.

In Materials recycling, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg provided details on the different recycling processes for the recovery of Critical raw materials and defined the strategy the project will follow, an important innovation of this project.

For their part, Vertech described the preliminary literature review carried out within the life cycle and circularity assessment responsibilities they have.

Finally, Sustainable Innovations made a summary of the activities performed during the first six months of the project in terms of communication, dissemination, and exploitation.