On June 20, 2023, the projects RECYCALYSE and DARE2X organised a webinar entitled “Energy storage, introduction to two power-to-x technologies”. During the webinar, the attendees had the opportunity to hear experts from both initiatives about their innovative approaches to energy storage. They shared their insights into the latest technological advancements, as well as their perspectives on how these developments could shape the energy landscape in Europe and beyond.



In the first place, Christian Kallesøe from Danish Technological Institute (DTI) introduced briefly the Power-to-X concept, the current world situation in terms of energy production and how RECYCALYSE and DARE2X are linked. Later, Simon Pitscheider from DTI introduced the RECYCALYSE objectives, goals and expected results. Last but not least, Christoffer Mølleskov also from DTI show the main concept of the DARE2X project which consists of decentralized ammonia production from renewable energy utilizing novel sorption-enhanced plasma-catalytic Power-to-X technology.


The session was open for anyone who wanted to learn more about energy storage solutions and the investigations carried out within the two European projects. Would you like to see the recording? Find it below: