Q: What are Danish Power Systems main responsibilities within RECYCALYSE?


A: Danish Power Systems (DPS) will use the experience and expertise in membrane electrode assembly (MEA) fabrication to:

(1) optimize the catalytic ink,

(2) produce electrodes and

(3) cells for the polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysis stack (EC), as well as to

(4) assemble the stack itself.

The workload will span over the two consecutive generations of electrocatalysts developed within the scope of the project.

Furthermore, DPS will manufacture single cells for extensive performance testing and characterization. The knowledge obtained will be crucial for further optimization of final MEAs assembled in the stack.


Q: How the milestones for Electrodes and single cells are going to be achieved?”


A: All the material fabrication will be documented in form of deliverables and milestones, entailing:

(1) report on single MEA fabrication and performance,

(2) PEMEC specification sheet,

(3) its requirement analysis and

(4) functional testing, as well as

(5) Balance of Plant and

(6) basic design of the hydrogen testing infrastructure.